Print-Friendly Rogers TV Channel Lineup Guides

Welcome to the Rogers television channel guide website.  Here you can find the channel lineup for your area, download it for a nominal fee* and then print out at home so that you will have a visual reference tool for all your Rogers TV channels.  Each guide is complete, covering all channels from 1-999. It comes as a colour-coded, four-page pdf document.  For best results, purchase some “matte” paper, (which is thicker and more durable than regular printer paper), and use this for printing. The print quality is much superior to normal, plain print paper.

Click on the “Shop” tab above to find the TV Channel Lineup for your region.  If you don’t see a guide for your area, please contact me and I will get it up online ASAP.  

All Rogers TV channel lineups last updated in January 2019

Advantages of a Printable Channel Guide

  • Quick reference tool outlining all Rogers TV channels in your region
  • Find your High Definition (HD) and 4K channels easily
  • Colour-coded by theme (e.g. news, sports, children’s, music, adult channels)
  • Discover new channels you never knew existed!
  • Find your favourite radio stations, both live and digital (Stingray audio)
Preview (blurred) image of our print-friendly, colour-coded, complete listing of all Rogers TV channels from Ch 1 to 999.
New, 2019 VERSION — A print-friendly, colour-coded, complete listing of all Rogers TV channels from Ch 1 to 999.

Original version of the Rogers Toronto Channel Guide in 2009. They don't make these anymore so I did.
2009 VERSION of the Rogers Toronto Channel Guide. They don’t make ’em anymore, so I did.

Thank you for your interest.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or special requests.  For example, to make you a shortened channel guide (single, double-sided page) .

*Please note I have to charge a nominal fee for these guides
.  This covers the cost of running the website as well as the painstaking torture I endure each time I glean info from the Rogers Television Channels website. However, the bonus is that you will receive updated versions as the channel lineups tend to change over time. 

**Payments can be made by e-mail money transfer, PayPal or Stripe.

Darryl G.

Special thanks to Joseph S. (aka Soobs) from Cazzik Design